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Lymphlife Treatments
Lymphlife Treatments

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy vs. Manual Lymphatic Massage

Vibrational lymphatic therapy is more effective at relieving lymphatic congestion than manual lymphatic drainage. While manual lymph massage does assist the body in increasing the flow of fluids by a gentle pumping and pushing motion. LET therapy utilized by LymphLife™ breaks up bacteria, viruses and protein blockages congested in the Lymph nodes and Lymph capillaries the filters of the body. It also converts thickened stagnant lymph fluid back to more of a watery consistency so it can flow more easily.  The detoxifying effects are also amplified with LET vs. manual lymph massage.


How to Prepare for The Treatment

This is a natural therapy and requires your skin to be in a natural state. Your skin should be clean and free of all lotions, oils, perfumes and deodorant.

Eat lightly on the day of your session and be well hydrated. The most important thing is to be well-hydrated.  Begin drinking extra water a day before your session and continue drinking water for at least another 24-48 hours after your session for maximum benefits.

What to wear

You will remove clothing and be draped in a blanket (much like with a massage). Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that can be removed easily and are not restrictive when you are done with your session. Ladies, please, no underwire bras on the day of your treatment.


What the Session are Like

This treatment is serene and enjoyable like a relaxing massage. You may experience sensations on the table as lymph fluids begin to move (tingling, coolness in fingers and toes, digestive noise). Smooth wands will slide along your skin to assist lymphatic drainage.  The gentle, rhythmic movements are relaxing and rejuvenates. It can calm your nervous system which helps to promote healing.


What to Expect After a Lymph Therapy Session

It depends largely on the overall health and diet of the individual as we are all different and fabulous in our own right/ There is not a simple answer.  Your experience will be unique to you and dependent on all the other factors.  These are some of the more common responses you may experience shortly after your session, as conveyed by our clients.:

  • Your body may feel clean, light and pure.
  • Your mind may be clear, sharp and expanded.
  • Some joints may spontaneously “adjust” themselves as the reduction in fluid allows for better alignment.
  • Sometimes, as you detoxify you may briefly feel sluggishness, nausea, muscle aches, pain and fatigue (These symptoms typically do not last and are a sign of healing).
  • You may experience a temporary increase in urination and bowel movements that are possibly more odorous.
  • Temporary change in your body odor and/or increased sweat.
  • Deeper and more restful sleep (maybe wanting a nap in the day).
  • Increase in circulation that assists in balancing your immune system.  
  • Sinus and ear drainage.
  • Reductions in swelling and fewer or lighter headaches.

Most people feel great immediately after their session and continue to feel very energized the next day. You might feel a bit of fatigue, especially if you are under-hydrated or if you have a lot of toxins to purge.  This typically lasts only a day, simply drink more water and rest (nap if possible) to assist your body in eliminating the waste.  Please do not ignore pain – if severe, please seek immediate medical attention.


What You should do after the treatment as self-care

Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol for 24 hours. Get plenty of rest.  An anti-inflammatory diet, regular exercise and healthy stress management techniques are all critical to keeping your lymphatic system functioning at its best. Consider dry brushing your body daily to assist the efficacy of treatments. Sweating in an infrared sauna can also aid in maintaining treatments.


How many treatments are recommended and how often

It is recommended to have therapy twice a week for four weeks to get the maximum benefit.  This has the effect of jump starting your “river of life”, the Lymphatic System.  It also depends on why you are seeking Lymphatic treatments.  What are the issues you are looking to address?  We do personalize each and every treatment and will evaluate you during your first session and make recommendations at that time.  If you are seeking overall wellness and are disease free then these treatments are more akin to the dental hygienist, you should do the “Jump Starter” at least two times a year. 

If budget is an issue and you can only do a couple of treatments, I encourage you to still do the treatments.  They will make a difference. .


How long until I see results

Most clients notice an immediate result and further improvement when they wake up the next day.  Many describe a sensation of increased energy immediately after the session and then another spike the day after. With regular sessions, clients generally notice improved energy levels, mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being.  Again, we stress that results are very individual to a person’s overall health profile.


Do you accept insurance

We do not accept or process insurance. However, many Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) will cover treatments and we accept HSA credit cards.  Some insurances will cover treatments that are physician prescribed.

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