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We don’t just provide our clients with
lymphatic drainage massage;
we upgrade your experience and results with technology-driven
lymphatic enhancement therapy.

We use Lymphstar Pro™ technology to elevate your body’s lymphatic drainage massage experience.  These tools amplify the impact of your treatment, doing even more to restore your health.

Interested in learning more about these tools, purchasing them, or receiving training on their proper use?  Click here.

Vibration and Energy Do More Work

We use state-of-the-art Arcturus Star Lymphstar Pro™ tools that improve lymph fluid circulation right at the cellular level.  This vibrational technology, when integrated with traditional massage techniques, can accelerate your desired results.

Traditionally, vibrational therapy has been noted to accelerate wound healing, reduce swelling and inflammation, soothe arthritis pain, improve blood circulation, and more.  The vibration and energy in our tools is more subtle than traditional vibrational therapy.  However, the intended outcomes are the same.

The Technical Details

Lymphstar Pro tools apply a mild electrostatic energy field that pulsates at less than 1,000 Hz. A mixture of noble gasses – argon, xenon, and krypton – are encased in medical-grade glass applicators. They glow a lovely lavender as the tools create physical vibrations with acoustic pressure waves.  This wave pulse creates vibrational energy at the cellular level, encouraging movement of proteins, bacteria, and toxins beyond that which can be achieved manually.  

The subject feels no shock or vibration during the process.

These devices are FDA-registered and safe for Lymph Life clients (*see below). Our practitioners have been trained and certified in their use.

Lymphstar Pro Tool

Additional PHIT Technology Provides Further Enhancements

PHIT Modality Heads use photo-harmonic induction technology to relieve pain and increase healing. When we fix these heads to our tools, they clear more pain and congestion, and offer superior skincare.

They offer a unique and healing combination of sound, light (LED), and magnetic energies.

  • The Eclipse Multi-Chromatic PHIT Head uses photonic therapy. It pulses with three different high frequencies and high harmonics. These pulses act like a hammer. They push out congestion and provide relief from pain and swelling.  Patients with chronic health conditions and fibrocystic breast problems will find relief with this head’s unique energy vibrations. 
  • The Infrared Enhancer Head elevates your skincare and beauty routines.  The head stimulates cellular energy with low frequencies and infrared light energy.  What does that mean? The vibrational energy opens your pores, allowing molecules in transdermal creams to enter the dermis. This tool also provides healing and restorative benefits.
  • The Crystal LymphWave tool provides accelerated healing for wounds and injuries. It also tackles resistant fibrous tissues, like cysts and scars.  The tool provides the most advanced features available in photo-biology and vibrational energy technology.  It’s the world’s most complete photo-biological healing technology when combined with LET lymphatic drainage. 


PHIT Modality Tool
Eclipse Head
Infrared Enhancer Head
Crystal LymphWave
Crystal LymphWave in Action

The Benefits of Technology

The Lymphstar Pro tools our practitioners use have an immediate and direct effect when used during your treatment:.

Improves lymphatic circulation – The tools increase the flow and volume exchange of circulating lymph fluid, increasing the rate of detoxification.

  • Enhances the cellular respiration process – The tools augment the electrical properties of the cell membranes, increasing the Krebs cycle and releasing additional energy through the creation of ATP.
  • Moves randomly bonded proteins – On cell surfaces and in interstitial spaces, unwanted proteins lurk.  They’re either creating stagnant flow or fibrosis. Because the tools temporarily increase polarity charges at the membrane, ion exchange is improved.
  • Overcomes the accommodation effect of homeostasis – In other words, our tools can help recharge lazy cells with their patented low-frequency pulses. They reprogram the energy level with which cells perform their basic duties.

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*We do not use these tools on clients with pacemakers, with congestive heart failure or serious cardiac conditions, directly over infection sites, on women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, or in the presence of unexplained calf pain.

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