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Why does Lymph Life stand out

Why does Lymph Life stand out from the crowd in the world of lymphatic drainage massage? It’s our Lymphstar Pro™ tool, our secret weapon in body detoxification. Learn more here:

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Question on vibrational plates

Q: I’ve read about vibrational plates and how the vibrations stimulate lymphatic flow. Is that true? A: Our tools take lymphatic drainage massage to the next level, using cutting edge technology that employs vibrations to stimulate lymph flow as well. In addition to gentle manual pressure, our LymphStarPro instruments use noble gasses and light to […]

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Healing from a liposuction procedure

This patient is healing from a liposuction procedure. Look at the difference in the scar area after just four treatments! When a patient has cosmetic surgery, scar tissue can build up, leaving a bit of an ugly mess if it’s not addressed. Many doctors recommend lymphatic drainage massage to improve results after this kind of […]

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