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Benefits of Lymphstar Vibrational Lymphatic Therapy

Vibrational Lymphatic therapy improves the entire circulation of the body. By allowing your body to release toxins and accumulated fluid and proteins between the cells, healthy balance is restored. A series of treatments over time is highly recommended, regardless of age.

Regular use improves your lymphatic fluid flow and accelerates detoxification of your tissues and produces cell nourishment. This leads to more vitality, relief of aches and pains, aids with common ailments such as sinus, flu, colds and chronic disease support.

Faster healing from surgeries, sports injuries, and allows for less edema, fibrotic conditions, along with swelling from various causes. Improves fibrocystic breasts & breast pain. Finally, since the formation of collagen and its regeneration is important to your skin, regular use provides tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, and a vibrant complexion.

When used with your therapist’s care and guidance, these are some of the health challenges that can be helped by Lymphstar Vibrational Lymphatic Therapy.

Pain And General Conditions:

Breast lumps, inflammation due to muscular trauma, lymphedema, chronic pain, allergy & sinus symptoms, headaches, hormone imbalances in both Men & Women. Female and male specific conditions: men’s health, arthritis, general inflammation states that lead to disease, chronic digestive and fatigue syndromes.

Stress Relief:

Provides a feeling of relaxation, emotional balance, a sense of well-being, and increased energy.


Cosmetic enhancement through the reduction of fluid deposits in the face producing healthier skin. Supports cellulite reduction, recommended for pre and post surgeries and other procedures such as laser resurfacing, etc. Lymphatic therapy can minimize scars and the formation of new scar tissue by stimulating the development of healthy collagen.


Obesity can be helped with improved lymphatic flow. When congestion is relieved, diet and exercise programs are far more effective. Not a direct weight loss modality, though it removes puffiness around the face, under the jaw, and areas of the hips, buttocks, and belly can improve once stagnant Lymph Nodes are cleared, fluid begins to move and flush out unabsorbed fats & proteins. Supports other weight loss efforts and cellulite reduction therapies. 

Sports Medicine:

For injury rehabilitation and injuries in general, use before and after athletics to increase performance and decrease muscle and tendon strain/pain by reducing lactic acid. Augments other therapeutic technology such as phototherapy devices- low level laser or LED technology, magnetic therapy, etc. when treatments are preceded by this lymphatic therapy.

The Science behind the Benefits for the Techie in you!

It improves functions of the lymphatic system in 5 ways, that directly support the 5 areas listed above.

 Improves lymphatic circulation: Through excitation of the lymphatic portion of the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This enhances detoxification of cells and tissue by increasing the FLOW and VOLUME (exchange) of circulating lymph fluid, thus increasing the rate of detoxification. This concurs with concepts in Western medical anatomy. 1

Increases the process of cellular respiration. The electrical properties of the cell membranes are enhanced, increasing the process of cellular respiration – creation of ATP, i.e. the Krebs cycle. First, the skin is oxygenated by the static electric field. Electrons are antioxidants. By donating electrons, the trans-membrane electrical potential (TMP) is influenced and stimulated by the external (endogenous) electrical fields.  The lymphatic, pre-collector vessels are at the surface of the skin. 2

Moves randomly bonded proteins. This process can also influence the randomly bonded proteins that are stuck together on the cells surface as well in the interstitial spaces. These can create problems such as stagnant flow and fibrosis. The LymphstarPro® temporarily increases the polarity charges at the membrane, improving ion exchange. Research in biology is advancing knowledge of the importance of the creation of ATP, which is the fuel for cellular energy. 3

Overcomes the accommodation effect of homeostasis by delivering variable low frequencies. Certain low frequencies are known to be effective in electrical stimulation. However, Vibratory Signals can be adapted to with repetition. By varying the low frequency pulses in a unique way, the LymphstarPro® is more effective over time. This “dynamically pulsed ionic field” provides a symphony of frequencies that cells and systems can utilize to raise their vibratory rates. This concept is supported by standard and new concepts in biology. 4

Low energy electrical fields create an activation of the circulating energy of the meridians and acupuncture points, which should flow properly as part of our normal body functions. There are deep meridians in the body that are an integral part of this system. This is in agreement with concepts in Eastern medicine and is supported by scientific study. 5

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The Lymphstar energies are safe for most people*. There are no energies that can heat the tissue (non-thermal) or cause any harmful effects.

* Contra-Indications: Pacemaker, Congestive Heart Failure, Pain Pump or Other medically implanted devices, Pregnancy, Blood Clots and Children under 13.

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