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Lymph Life uses state-of-the-art technology to elevate the lymphatic drainage massage experience. We set your lymphatic fluid into motion so your body can rid itself of toxins and waste. Reduce swelling, speed recovery, and recapture your energy. Take a step toward better health.

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Massage for Chronic Pain

If you’re wondering how to deal with chronic pain, we can help. Lymphatic drainage massage is often recommended for those who suffer from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and other conditions that cause chronic pain. When chronic pain becomes too much, we are here for you.

Massage for Surgery Recovery

Lymphatic drainage massage reduces swelling and lymphedema after a mastectomy. Recently have knee surgery? Get on your feet faster. Recovering from a mommy makeover, tummy tuck, or BBL? We can improve results by minimizing swelling and fibrosis.

Massage for Better Health

Massage for better circulation, better sleep, better posture…the benefits of massage are practically endless. Lymphatic drainage massage boosts immunity, detoxifies the body, and reduces stress. Let us help you do something good for yourself.

Massage for Beauty and Lymphatic Facials

Lymphatic facial massage can reduce unsightly puffiness, stimulate collagen production, and deliver oxygen to the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage eliminates wastes that make you look tired, helping you restore beauty naturally.

Meet our Founder

There is no greater joy than being able to help others in their journey to better wellness with Lymph Life™

Lourdes D’Sylva
Lourdes D’Sylva

20+ years working in the corporate sphere as a director of operations in the medical education and communications arena. Certified L.E.T. Practitioner since 2016.

What patients are saying about Lymph Life

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  • Rachel L – Review

    After my second covid vaccine, my right arm locked up and was very painful for well over a month after, with no signs of getting better on its own. I tried various forms of bodywork, which helped, but didn't fully fix it, which made me wonder if ti might be in need of a lymph treatment instead. I love coming to LymphLifeAZ because it's so easy and I always leave feeling better! And today's visit was no exception! Lourdes is a joy to work with and my arm is feeling SO much better. If you have any pain or really any sort of ailment whatsoever, I would highly recommend seeing Lourdes at LymphLifeAZ!

  • Ben B – Review

    Really enjoyed my session here. The therapy is much more calming and relaxing than I anticipated! I almost fell asleep! The lymphatic system is so often overlooked, and cleaning it out can help our bodies detoxify so much of what we have stored up in our systems.

  • Jessica S – Review

    Lourdes is absolutely amazing! Not only did she help me feel better after I had a tummy tuck and 360 lipo but she truly was there for me and honestly has become a friend. She was very informative about how everything worked and even told me what I could do at home to help with my swelling. I love going to her. What she does is amazing.

  • Rebecca H – Review

    Lourdes' Lymph Life treatment was a health boost. I felt my body detox immediately and continue on for days. It was as though the treatment opened a detox gateway that moved toxins out of my body so that my natural health could be more effective and efficient. I highly recommend Lourdes and Lymph Life as an essential part of ongoing health and vitality.

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